Latest Past Events

Entering the Industry with Joyce Veheary

WK01.008 University of West London, London

This workshop requires sending a prepared CV, a professional cover letter and a self-tape (all sent via The video must be about a minute in length and must be no more than 90 seconds long. These must be sent to Joyce ahead of the session. We’ll review the tapes together and go through the...

Acting through Song with Jacqui Sanchez

WK01.008 University of West London, London

Ever stood there and asked yourself ‘What I am I doing?’ or ‘Why did I just do that?’ in the middle of a song? We can all feel disconnected in performance from time to time. This practical workshop aims to help hone your musical theatre performance skills and help connect you to your material ready...

Creative Storytelling with Chris Reyes

WK01.008 University of West London, London

Chris will share his knowledge and experience within theatre to explore different creative processes on how to use performance to tell stories. The workshop will include improvisation, group discussion and creative exercises that will challenge and broaden the student’s current understanding in creating narrative-based work. Students are encouraged to bring any creative tools (instruments, props,...